Live set & Video: Armin Only - Mirage @ Jaarbeurs, Utrecht 13-11-2010

15.000 people have had the night of their lives. They’ve enjoyed a spectacular show, stunning live performances and a great 9 hour DJ set. Man of the night, Armin van Buuren, looks back onto an unforgettable kick off to his Armin Only – Mirage tour.
Armin:”A big, big thank you for all visitors of Armin Only – Mirage, thank you so much for sharing this unique Mirage experience with all of us! It’s been my pleasure to have you all part of the show, without you guys the show would never have been such a success. Mirage is the biggest project I’ve ever done. The event in Utrecht, that was sold out a month in advance, was set up to make it as much of an innovative experience as possible.
For over a year, I’ve worked real hard on the Mirage album, so it was a big honor and very cool to be collaborating with an entire rock band, a classical orchestra and other renowned artists. I’m extremely proud that the album is being listened to by people from all across the globe. I’m very much looking forward to the Armin Only Mirage shows that are scheduled in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Melbourne (Australia), Beirut (Lebanon) and Bratislava (Slovakia).Next year, we will celebrate the 500th A State of Trance radioshow. To celebrate it, we will be having 5 fantastic events within 5 weeks across 5 continents. More information on this, including info on my podcasts can be found on
I’d once again like to send a big THANK YOU to the visitors, fans and the whole Mirage team. You guys mean the world to me! “