Five minutes with Markus Schulz

How’s things with you sir?
MS: What’s up Trance International! I’m all good – thanks!
Great! So start off by telling us how and where you saw in the new decade?
MS: I spent it the Los Angeles Sports Arena… but more specifically at the mammoth Together As One Event. I was there with Guetta, Digweed Schossow and a couple of local LA DJs.It's certainly in the top 5 of the biggest parties in LA throughout the year. I last played it last in 2005 and as an event, let’s just say it’s not lost a bit of its edge!
You released your ‘Best of The Global DJ Broadcast World Tour 2009’ album last month. Was it hard coming up with the final tracklist?
MS: Let’s say that shrinking so many Broadcasts down to just 15 tracks wasn’t easy! The ones that made it though are the absolute cream of the crop of the tunes that rocked and for sure that’s what I wanted to showcase.
It had a bit of a neat twist to it, didn't it? Tell us about that?
MS:: Basically the tracks I put into the mix were the original GDJB World Tour recordings, with all the local shouts cheers and general crowd noise locked in. It meant that as each track rolls, the listener moves from city to city.
Very nice touch! Now speaking of cities you’ve got a new compilation fast approaching. What’s going to be the target metropolis for the Twenty Ten edition?
MS:: Las Vegas – a place that I’ve felt a big kinship with for quite some time. I’ve played some amazing gigs at Rain at Fabulous and Moon at the Palms over the last 18 months - a compilation that focuses on it is long overdue – so I’m setting that right!
How do you personally perceive the city in a clubbing context?
MS: I’ll just say this… If you’re seriously minded about music and clubbing, it’s going to become a place you have to say you’ve tried. Come the next decade it’s going to be a rival to Ibiza – hedonism, after all, has never been in short supply there!
Excellent, we’re looking forward to that already! When’s it out?
MS: 22nd of Feb!
We’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on out for that! Thanks for joining us Markus and all the best for the year ahead.
MS: Thank you guys and the very same to you!